Francesco Risso believes that human connection is a powerful agent for the shared creativity in the message for Cruise.

January 4, 2022


The Marni Resort 2022 collection served as a sort of incubator for the joyous sense of community that peaked in the emotional Spring celebration. The imagery was shot in Milan, with the crew driving a vanful of clothes through the city to photograph the many friends of Marni in their neighborhoods or in their homes. Each of them chose to wear their favorite look.

“They’ve been very active in the conversation to shape what Marni is becoming today,” said Francesco Risso. “I’m obsessed with expanding the dialogue to a constructive, joyful level, to include and engage diverse contributions as much as I can. I crave human connection; I’m striving for it—my work is all about humanity. I’m not interested in fashion bubbles of any sort. I don’t want to be the only storyteller in the narration.”

During his tenure at Marni, Risso has established a series of identifiers, “our treasures,” he calls them. They were reiterated here, as he believes it’s important for us to emphasize them, “because it just takes a minute to lose your identity in the maze of today’s futility.” Hand-painted florals; check, tartan, and windowpane patterns; supple tailoring and imaginative sportswear; striped cardis in fuzzy mohair—it was all combined à la Marni, in a highly individual, stylish version of freestyle grunge.


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