Missoni enters a new era, and the Fall campaign encapsulates a renewed philosophy and vision of life.

September 13, 2021

The direction chosen for the Missoni Fall 2021 ad campaign is twofold: on the one hand, it is deeply rooted in tradition, and on the other, it yearns to affirm a fresh vision and idea of lifestyle.

Color has always been the distinctive element of Missoni; the pillar on which the founders Ottavio and Rosita built the identity of the brand. In the words of CEO Livio Proli, “It is a heritage to embrace and also translate” into a creative language that acts as a key of entry into the contemporary world. Therein lies the invitation to capture the beauty in nuances and differences in a world that is increasingly more divided and negative, responding with enthusiasm, positivity, and optimism to those who only see black or white.

The starting point to this path of innovation is the Fall campaign. The pillars on which it is founded are three: the urban environment, authenticity, and a little irony. The city is, in fact, the absolute protagonist within the shots: the apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and skylines are not just simple backdrops, but elements that interact with and speak to the pieces that make up the collection through a continuous play on chromatic references. Additionally, the treatment of the Missoni logo achieves an ideal integration with the fabrics and surrounding environment.

A smile, therefore, becomes the true key to understanding; both when it appears on the faces of the protagonists, as well as when the attempt is to produce one on the face of the observer through the clever use of props. Their unobtrusive presence proves necessary in bringing a certain focus to an attention to detail and creativity, which in turn adds an ironic touch and intriguing sympathy to the subjects themselves.


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