Luxury brand Bally has unveiled a new London flagship concept on Regent Street that celebrates its 170-year heritage.

August 10, 2021

The Bally flagship store in London merges the brand’s Swiss pillars of art, architecture and craftsmanship with London’s landscape and commissioned artwork from local maker James Shaw. The new 4,300 square foot store is located in a Regency building with a columned façade and windows framed by antique trim.

The boutique is described as the brand’s latest “Bally Haus” concept, which was first launched in September 2019 in Milan, an experiential environment that aims to offer new ways of shopping with a multi-functional format that lends itself to cultural programming, including film screenings, panel discussions and exhibitions.

The London Bally Haus was created in collaboration with Seen Displays, a London-based creative design and production agency and the interior is inspired by the city’s geological and architectural history. A prevalent theme of the design is London clay, with earthy, red stones, terracotta shelving displays and natural millwork set against light and dark marble flooring.

The interior is highlighted by specially commissioned items designed by local materialist and maker James Shaw, who created pieces such as bespoke footwear risers, bookends and midfloor fixtures repurposed from local waste plastic as hand-extruded, high-density polyethene and polypropylene sculptures.

Bally chief executive, Nicolas Girotto, said in a statement: “London has always been such an important fashion capital for creativity and culture. Bally Haus London hopes to fulfil new post-pandemic needs with a multi-functional space that engages local artists to give second life to repurposed materials – offering new ways of seeing old things – while providing an experiential environment that embraces the excitement of discovery.”

A series of limited edition accessories for men and women will be available throughout the store, including the Crystalia tote bag featuring a leather embossed patch displaying Bally Haus London’s street and city name.


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