LipScanner is the new generation makeup app for lips, enabling users to scan any color and visualize Chanel’s interpretation on themselves.

May 3, 2021

This original Chanel LipScanner, developed 100% in-house, enables you to instantaneously find the Chanel lipstick that matches your desires, based on the shades and visuals that inspire you.

Scan the desired color and LipScanner will suggest the closest shade from Chanel’s range of lipsticks. Five color families, each available in as many textures: gloss, shine, metallic, satin and matte. Chanel Makeup Creation Studio has developed each existing color and texture to virtualize more than 400 Chanel lip products, all accessible for immediate virtual try-on. Truly in-depth work that has made it possible to enrich the LipScanner “Virtual Try On” technology in a unique way.

Take a photo with the app or select an image from your camera roll and let LipScanner identify the face, detect and isolate the lips. Based on a photo taken with the app or chosen from your album, LipScanner selects precisely the desired color using the “Color Picking” feature, so that the algorithm can analyze the shade to the nearest pixel, establish links with each product in the Chanel lip category, isolate and propose the closest shade in two or three finishes.

LipScanner by Chanel is an iPhone app available in the Apple App Store. Download it here.


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