Gucci creates special pieces incorporating the work of fashion designer Ken Scott, with his colorful patterned fabrics and line.

February 24, 2021


American fashion designer Ken Scott favored large scale flowers in his creations including peonies, roses, poppies and sunflowers appear on the Gucci Epilogue clothing and accessories for men and women.

Color and floral patterns define the looks  The prints turn up unexpectedly on fleeces, on down jackets, evening gowns, as well as silk accessories including headbands and printed on bags.

“Ken Scott was a really great creator of fabrics,” Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele says, “he mapped out flowers with romanticism and flowers into pop culture. He treated flowers like shop signs, he multiplied them, turned them into something that stood out. I like his work because I am obsessed with floral prints.”

Womenswear items featuring decorative motifs from Scott’s archive include a coat, T-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, a top, pants, skirts, two blazers, shirts and a number of flowing dresses. All are bright, colorful and impactful, with an exuberant spirit.

Menswear comprises a coat, Palace jacket, suit (split into separates), down-padded outerwear, bowling sets and tracksuit sets. The Gucci Ken Scott collaboration is also applied to shoes. For men, the look is sporty and casual; a black cotton base fabric has been printed with contrasting gold lettering – the initials KS and GG – mixed with gold and silver flowers. Then for another version of the Pursuit, and a Screener sneaker, a bright Ken Scott floral print called ‘Giardino d’Aprile’, translated as ‘April Garden’ displaying a combination of bright flowers, makes a powerful impact.

Ken Scott’s vibrant floral prints with their ‘70s vibe have also been used for silk and soft accessories and applied to a variety of pieces with different functions: silk carrés have been developed in different sizes in order to maximise the visibility of Scott’s prints. Furthermore, the offer is completed by colorful ribbons, cozy and refined shawls and stoles, headbands in lamé or cotton and characterful baseball caps and bucket hats.

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