Paul Andrew focuses on sustainability with a carefully edited collection of timeless, luxury pieces for Pre-Fall.

December 8, 2020


The Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2021 collection was photographed in Florence at Manifattura Tabacchi, a former cigarette factory built in the modernist style of the ’40s.

Ferragamo’s heritage of artisan expertise has been channeled into the creation of leather garments, shoes and accessories that will endure and improve with wear and that will fit seamlessly and enrichingly alongside pre-existing pieces in a Ferragamo wardrobe. Sustainability and focus are key elements, both in production and aesthetic.

“We talk about modernity as if it is a fleeting moment in time – the latest, state-of-the art chapter in culture and aesthetics,” says creative director Paul Andrew: “but the truth is we have been living in the Age of Modernity for over a century now. The modern sense of beauty and style is subject to circumstantial glitch and fluctuation, but key elements of it remain eternal. For Pre-Fall 2021 we drew from that past, considered our very particular present, and used these inspirations to propose a collection that is future-proof. Ferragamo’s enduring values of excellence and craft serve the creation of objects of quality and comfort. They are also an explicit rejection of fashion’s cycle of enforced obsolescence, a cycle which I strongly believe is itself now obsolete.”

Key pillars in the Ferragamo wardrobe include leather dressing – pieces for women and men crafted in the material of our proprietary expertise – as well as deeply textured knitwear, precise yet versatile outerwear, shirt dresses and shirting, and transitional garments crafted in double-faced wools and cashmere. Nylons are recycled, wools are sustainable, and leathers repurposed and upcycled. The collection is approximately 50 per cent the size of 2020’s equivalent, a development which is not a reduction, but a refinement – a conscious distillation. Decorative punctuation marks include a boldly modern – yet archive-based – geometric pattern based on a 20th century Ferragamo tie design.


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