Jimmy Choo's spring collection is instinctive - spontaneous, immediate, reactive.

November 6, 2020


The Jimmy Choo Spring 2021 story entitled ‘Amazing Grace’ is a collection that celebrates the notion of contradictory glamour.

“This is a collection born out of reflection that sums up what we do best honoring our DNA. It is Confident, Glamorous and Daring. I wanted to celebrate where we came from and to assert what we mean not to our woman but to our women. Just as there isn’t one type of Jimmy Choo woman, there isn’t one meaning to Jimmy Choo. We are about beautiful contradictions – a contradictory glamour. On the one hand we are about the slick, the streamlined, the silhouette and on the other we are about color, gloss and sparkle, balancing timelessness with fashion. The constant thread remains confidence, strength and the desire to dare to stand out,” said Creative Director Sandra Choi.

Grace Jones is the collection’s muse: epitomizing power and confidence, a masculinity somehow embedded in the intrinsically feminine, strength and creativity combined. She is an icon of contradictory glamour. The collection is instinctive – spontaneous, immediate, reactive. Opposites always attract, and glamour can be found in paradoxes, through unexpected contradictions. Natural materials contrast with techno fabrics. Pearls decorate for day. Colors collide for a vibrant clash.

There is a focus on sharpness and simplicity echoing the roots of Jimmy Choo born in the 1990s. Toes are elongated to points, or sharply chiseled on an oblique, highlighting the precision of cut. Mules and sandals slice across the foot, emphasizing a juxtaposition of texture and body. Heels are mid-height, flats are vital – they express movement, energy, and a spirit of the decade. As does the color palette – a new spectrum of muted neutrals, every shade of latte, mocha and blush – with color pops adding a bolt of dynamic energy.

The contradictory ethos of toughness and precious, fusing bijoux with accessory, is evoked through studs. Tortoiseshell is used as a new animal expression: unexpected, inspired by the universe of design, it is translated to flats and heels, as well as bags.

Silhouettes stay razor-focused, but materials are tactile, enriching, even playful. The new palette of neutrals continues to be explored, combining a lightness with rich surface texture, a reminder of craft and a note of high summer.

The emphasis is on shape and form – the architecture of the shoe precisely outlined. Clean, slick, polished and sculptural. Finished with embellishments – joyously, exuberantly, as always with Jimmy Choo. Crystals inlay a delicate ankle-strap, decorative but also part of the structure, a blend of form and function.


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