Joseph Altuzarra explores the poetry that exists in the concurrence of freedom and restraint.

October 20, 2020

The notion of opposing emotions—fear and happiness, alienation and comfort, sadness and joy became a symbolic expression of the uncertainty we face while simultaneously informing the Altuzarra Spring 2021 RTW collection that is desirable right now.

Drawing on Dune, a futuristic science fiction novel that examines the relationship between man and nature, Joseph leaned heavily on the notion of drapey, soft, and earthy garments that were described throughout the tome—a starting point for the collection.

Set against the raw backdrop of the space, the collection combines divergent emotions of ease and polish, expressed in a range of designs that evolve through the show. Joseph embraced volume for Spring in new shirtdress and skirt designs, along with a classic trench updated with ballooning sleeves. The cathartic silhouettes meet restrained volume through wrapping, darting, and billowing yet refined peplums. Knits were rethought with wrapped bodices, cold shoulders, and self-covered multi-button details that offer versatile wearability. Committed to sustainable innovation in design, the collection includes a colorful knitted capsule that upcycles deadstock fabrics from past seasons, creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

The iconic Altuzarra suiting is reimagined with an ‘80s influence on tailoring and proportions: drapey and oversized blazers, wide-leg pants, and adjustable belts to nip the waist and reign in volume. As the collection progresses, the silhouettes become unbound ending with unabashed, liberated volume in a double layered handkerchief hem dress.

Go backstage at Altuzarra’s Spring 2021 show as Joseph works with humble materials, sculptural volumes, and minimalist prints while drawing on varied textures to add a hint of imperfection.


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