Jeremy Scott creates an elaborate puppet show for Moschino's Spring season.

September 30, 2020

Jeremy Scott looked to the Théâtre de la Mode, the troupe of miniature couture creations and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the creator of the Muppets, for the Moschino Spring 2021 RTW runway show ‘No Strings Attached.’

Along with the Creature Shop, he created marionettes of favorite models to wear the 40 looks, which were first made in life-size versions and then scaled down to fit the 30-inch puppets that “walked” the show, violins playing softly in the background. There were also editors for the front row.

“What would be the best way for me to give the same experience that you’re used to, coming to see my shows live?” Scott wondered. “How could I give you that whimsy, that magic, that fantasy?”

Every garment, every fabric, and every motif had to be reproportioned to fit the dimensions of the marionettes without losing the authentic properties of the cloth. Every detail Scott added to the life-size looks had to be re-created in miniature. In homage to the culture of haute couture, the collection imitated the classic gestures of the craft.

A little cocktail gown had been exploded open, revealing another dress under it with a photograph of an inside-out embroidered dress; then a little chiffon skirt had been attached to it. An 18th-century blue day dress had the memory of the pinking shears that cut its insides featured as surface decoration on its bustier.

Go backstage at the Moschino Spring 2021 RTW show and discover how the miniature creations came to life.


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