Alberta Ferretti introduces a collection of ease, kindness and romanticism, while drawing inspiration from undergarments and lingerie.

September 29, 2020

The Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021 RTW collection that presents clothing that is suitable for a renewed, essential daywear, and is built through the idea of a non-competitive sport.

“I am convinced that, in difficult moments such as these, fashion should not stop or give up, but reclaim its role as a necessary tool that recounts a specific moment in time. It is precisely at such times that every creative reacts by putting his or her own sensitivity increasingly into play. My instinct was to respond with kindness which, just like romance, I consider a manifestation of strength, and not of weakness. This is why I wanted to design a collection that would communicate the natural femininity that women express when they are extremely self-aware” says Alberta Ferretti.

Denim that has been dyed, faded, re-dyed and treated gives life to trousers with cuts that shape different silhouettes and transform into details. The details on the bustiers and bras are transformed into elasticized workings, while the Sangallo lace is shaped into a practical, elegant and sensual jumpsuit.

The bust is enhanced through strong shoulders featured on the double-breasted yet low-cut buttoned jackets, bias-cut tailleur style jackets, hand made knits and suede blouses. This new silhouette is accompanied by a light, yet elaborate lingerie with embroideries, laces and cuts as seen on the short chiffon dresses, longer styles in embroidered cotton muslin and on the tie-dye, chiffon evening dresses.

A fashion that walks on flat sandals with braided silk laces that are finished with wood beading details, and is accompanied by monochrome crochet maxi and bucket bags.


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