Gabriela Hearst introduces an environmentally friendly collection with over 60% done with the most exquisite repurposed or recycled materials.

August 25, 2020


The Gabriela Hearst Resort 2021 collection was a mutual compatibility of luxury and sustainability, the thinking being that the more you normalize the likes of repurposed silk cotton voile and recycled stretch polyester.

The collection included leather lace that would be inserted, not applied, puzzled and made to the back of a coat. Also a button down shirt, with the lace design that was augmented and then detailed on a skirt. Again, contrasting the toughness with femininity. We also included a leather bra, pants and tailoring.

Hearst also repurposed linen denim, cashmere and leaft over suiting form last season. Creating a long trench, coats with hand knotted leather trim. Dresses and skirt with leather detail. Resulting in high desire and low impact which is where we set our design goal always.

One of the most desirable groups in the Gabriela Hearst Resort 2021 collection is the tie-dye cashmere. The team chose at the start of the season four color stories from sketches or color studies I made with my markers. For this group they chose “fire blood” which combines reds, oranges, dark brown, and yellow on cashmere and “psychedelic” which includes light blue, soft green, yellow and nude.

The silk wool groups that are hand knotted in trims are a labor of love and patience. Especially the volume skirts, which had all the hemmed finished by hand, knotted netting that has become part of our design language.

The textured silk wool was blanket stitch finished by hand in tailoring and dresses. The dresses in this group have leather patchwork detail in multi-color combinations. The fabric elevated the tailoring while the fit was relaxed. The laces are also re purposed, lace on organza that we made a matching bra with it as well.


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