The latest Etro campaign lensed by photographer Dario Catellani, is a hymn to harmony and love for nature.

July 31, 2020

Starting from the principle that we are not alone but, together with nature and animals, cohabitants on the same Planet, the Etro Fall 2020 campaign portrays an act of union and sharing in which animals and human beings are co-protagonists.

“Today, more than ever, we are aware of how much the Earth is a unique and precious Mother for us all, to be preserved and protected. In the past months, we observed, from our homes, the rebirth of nature and the free expression of many animals. With this campaign, we wanted to reproduce in images a harmonious balance with the animal kingdom, remembering that as human beings we are part of it as well,” said Kean and Veronica Etro.

“WE ARE ALL ONE”, expression of this universal connection, has always belonged to Etro’s culture and values and has been the centerpiece of the Fall 2017 ad campaign, named Animen, in which a lovely conversation between animals of different species became a reflection on the world’s spirituality. Today, Etro strengthens this sentiment by partnering with WWF Italy, to support the organization’s conservation activities dedicated to the wolf, one of Italy’s symbolic animal species.

The vision of a concrete and sustainable commitment is also reflected in the choice of featuring in the campaign’s shots, together with the Fall 2020 collection, some items and accessories from the brand’s archives. For Etro quality does not wear out, is never fast or out of style: just like authentic beauty it withstands time, to be handed down.


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