Chaumet's High Jewelry collection is a subtle balance between heritage and modernity, between classicism, dazzling creativity and continuous innovation.

July 28, 2020


For 240 years, architecture has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration and one of the cornerstones of the stylistic repertoire, of which the new thematic Chaumet Perspectives High Jewelry collection now forms part.

This latest collection reinterprets this founding theme and takes its place in the heritage succession, with a resolutely contemporary and innovative approach that pays tribute to the major movements in international architecture. A radically new way of constructing is transposed into jewelry, combining purity of line, striking volumes and remarkable virtuosities.

Following the Trésors d´Ailleurs rings, unveiled in early 2020 in conjunction with the reopening of 12 Vendôme on the Maison’s 240th anniversary, today Perspectives de Chaumet extends this precious idea of architecture, in six aesthetics.

Evoking a somewhat skewed graphic horizon, Skyline reinvents the iconic architecture of contemporary cities as symbolic of power and elevation. Combining strong volumes with transparent effects, prominent angles with a harmony of curves, these jewel buildings are dedicated to women who assert the power of their femininity.

A tribute to Italian Renaissance polychromatic domes open to the sky, Lux reimagines the Maison’s characteristic art of color. Glorifying the power of light and the sun, this curvaceous parure offers a unique interpretation of the symbol of elevation as prized by Chaumet.

Recalling the stone latticework and mashrabiyas of contemporary architecture, with its white gold interlacing Lacis delineates symmetrical and delicate jewelry while also suggesting maze of narrow streets. This modern reinterpretation of diamond mesh, an historic Chaumet signature, is especially striking in the form of a light tiara, a secret watch, and rings and bracelets with airy volumes.

Inspired by deconstructivist architecture, Ondulation breaks free from the laws of perspective to celebrate the art of movement and the freedom to create.

In layerings of diamonds and sapphires, Mirage is an ode to constantly moving structures, whether nomadic tents or marine sails. The transparent and changing architectures of this parure appear perceived anew, according to the planes and angles, majestically highlighting pear-cut diamonds, signatures of Chaumet jewelry.

Inspired by the search for abstract beauty, in the manner of Russian constructivism or Italian futurism, Labyrinthe deploys its sprinklings of stones with an unexpected grace. Its exploration of the art of the line offers a unique way to adorn an assertive femininity, echoing the bold volumes of Chaumet jewelry from the first decades of the 20th century.


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