Discover the three-part series released across the months of June and July celebrating the irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth.

June 15, 2020


The Fenty Release 6-20 collection looks to the spirit and optimism of youth to lead the way forward, inspired by decades of youth aesthetics and styles that emerged during periods of steep social change. This release fuses thigh-high hems, psychedelic prints and multiple 90s subculture references, from baggy rave silhouettes and tie dye prints, to grunge hoodies and form-fitting asymmetric dresses.

Drop 1 is calm, reworking core Fenty designs in a casual aesthetic, offering a new take on the signature Corset Dress in ultra soft jersey with XL sleeves. The side-slits denim baggy pants, previously seen in release 2-20, with a re-structured oversized shirt billowing out at the back, form a new power suit. Reiterating the idea of unity central to Fenty’s fashion manifesto, Drop 1 sees the return of the ‘Immigrant’ print T-shirt in a semi-transparent jersey. Emphasising the romance of youth, white silk drapes across the waist in a bow shape on a dress and shirt with XL sleeves.

Fusing colors from 90s rave culture with 00s logomania on new era boxy silhouettes, Drop 2 is the most casual segment of the series. Sleeveless hoodies with signature Fenty cut-outs and band-style T-shirts are paired with statement thigh-high denim shorts. Prints and slogans build throughout the release, speaking to the upfront, straight-talking culture of youth. The psychedelic print running across all parts of the release bleeds out from the F-word in a melted artwork, placed upside-down on a T-shirt and a stole.

The peak of Fenty’s summer trip, Drop 3 brings the shapes, prints and emotion of the release together in an after-party. Celebrating the free spirit and curious nature of youth, the psychedelic print hinted at in the previous drop is in full flow now as a full-bleed digital print on a stretch jersey. There’s a late 90s undertone to certain silhouettes: a backless top and a one-strap asymmetric dress, all in chiffon. In keeping with the casual mood of the Release, we introduce our new multifunctional fashion jewelry offering. Psyche flower charms made from multicolored resin and strass adorn various lengths of a brass ball chain necklace with gold-tone or palladium finishes.

A summer wardrobe to suit every mood, from understated monochrome daywear in Drop 1, to a rush of color, casual cuts and slogans in Drop 2, which culminates in the climactic psychedelic print of Drop 3.

Discover the collection here.


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