Explore Acqua di Parma's newest boutiques featuring basic shapes and craft work that draw on tradition and on the purest Italian contemporary design.

May 29, 2020

The new Acqua di Parma Boutique located at Piazza di Spagna 27 in Rome is welcoming and bright, like an Italian house. Acqua di Parma has entrusted the project to Patricia Grosdemange, an LVMH Group architect, who has used her talent to express a timeless, yet completely modern style.

Vibrant tones of Parma yellow highlight the archway of the façade and announce in advance the radiant surroundings of the interior. The entrance hall opens up to the view of the multi-faceted world of Acqua di Parma fragrances. The cane wood varies from natural to black and white, depending on the collections. Bottles and fragrances arranged as personal objects and a well-proportioned area which opens up in a fluid fashion to the next fragrance room. In the centre is a large table of the fragrances, around which everyone can choose and test their favorite composition, completing their own olfactory experience with the interactive Fragrance Finder.

It‘s time to go into the heart of the Boutique, where the onyx counter and the informally elegant stools are inspired by the convivial atmosphere of a contemporary Italian kitchen. Guests are invited to discover the art of the Acqua di Parma gift, from the craft work engravings on bottles and tops to the customized packaging.

Opening up from the kitchen, dynamically alternating between interior and exterior, is the patio, where you can stop and relax. The rich seminate floor with travertine inlays, and in the center, again in travertine, a fountain in which to pamper yourself with a hand massage. All around, every item creates a widespread relaxing atmosphere, a mixture of traditional and modern. Arches with columns and large windows. Frescoes made by Pictalab depicting principally the Frutti d‘Oro, essence of Colonia and a wall video inviting a tempting trip along the Italian Mediterranean.


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