An alchemy of authentic, deeply personal sensations, six fragrant emotions, six Eaux de Toilette dedicated to the love for tasteful hedonism.

April 22, 2020

Six floral, crystalline, easy-to-wear gems reflect our emotions, the Valmont Palazzo Nobile fragrance range captures life’s moments in subtle fragrances. A noble and intimate collection for men and women who indulge in sensory pleasure.

“I wanted to translate the fleeting oscillations of emotions into the light, crystalline Storie Veneziane eaux de toilette by Valmont,” said Sophie Guillon.

Sophie harnesses the name of the Valmont Palazzo Nobile to celebrate the intimate emotions of each fragrance, captured in bottles of subdued elegance. As a loving artistic nod, Didier accents the vessels with a terrazzo motif taken from the palace itself and highlights the origins of the eponymous collection with a name for his eau de toilette: Casanova 2161. While Didier sees in Casanova 2161 as the essence of the Palazzo Nobile collection, Sophie melds a potpourri of authentic inner feelings into five eaux de toilette dedicated to discreet pleasure-seekers of either sex.

Sea Bliss embodies wanderlust, recalling the scents of an invigorating stroll along the beach through fresh and pure chord. Secret Bamboo subtly interprets the natural magic and elegance of bamboo in a powdery floral scent featuring fresh and airy green notes. A tribute to an icon of olfactory art, Satin Musk glorifies musk and the virtuous addiction it creates, offering a fragrant sonnet of exotic flowers for a decidedly powdery composition. Passionate and sensual poppies come together in Bright Poppy, an eclectic poem in which floral and musky notes evoke the idealistic romanticism of adolescence.  The sensual notes of Blooming Ballet are a symbol of femininity imbued with the floral freshness of the rose, the sparkle of freesia and a powdery cloud of white musk.


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