Victoria Beckham takes a melting pot of references and inspiration from past decades as inspiration for her Spring collection.

September 23, 2019

For the Victoria Beckham Spring 2020 RTW collection, the designer was thinking of lightness, easiness, freedom, making it all about dynamic women today, women in motion.

“Controlled and free, living life, reality and believability. There is always a duality in women, moving between different ideas, different moods. I want clothes that move with a woman, that move with her life,” said Beckham.

The Victoria Beckham Spring 2020 collection featured neat-and-together tailoring with a slight ’70s flavor and flowy, waist-free silk ankle-length dresses. Beckham loves contrasts and mixed that with strong color this season. Bights punctuated a new palette of neutrals, and injected ‘off’ mixes that are interesting and fresh. There was also with a play between precise masculine tailoring, and floating soft dresses, letting the body breathe inside them.

These dresses were a big story – they felt alive, suspended around the body, ruffles dancing as you walk. They were super-feminine, a little romantic. In block colours but also print, the prints were bold, almost luminous, against dark backgrounds, adding a new kind of sexy – no restriction, not much skin on show but a sense of the body and of the woman inside.

“The silhouettes aren’t complicated, so I like to express myself by wearing color,” she said. “I only used to wear black when I was younger, and I never understood when certain people used to say they didn’t like you wearing black. But then I got it—color is so much more flattering!”

Go behind the scenes as Victoria Beckham walks us through her inspiration and motivation for the Spring 202o collection.


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