Drawing on its continually reinvented creative energy, Chopard creates new watch and jewelry pieces – true contemporary talismans.

August 1, 2019


Shop the interactive Chopard 2019 “C” collection featuring the emblematic brand initial “C” symbolizes in a single letter. The profound, energetic and graceful movement that drives Chopard and each of its creations. It covers the entire Chopard vocabulary: “C” for Creativity, Coeur (the French word for heart), Calibre, Colours, Character, etc.

The core values of Chopard—the House with a big heart—have always been generosity and caring for others. A perfect combination of Chopard’s talisman heart and emblematic moving diamonds, the Happy Hearts collection unites all the world’s big-hearted women. The choice of a Happy Hearts jewelry creation is that of a Big-Hearted woman, an everyday heroine who sees in the commitments of the Maison Chopard an echo of her own generosity. She finds true consistency with her own value system in Happy Hearts creations, bound up with this generosity and concern for others. Talisman jewels accompanying these heroines in their daily lives as well as amid the radiance of glittering evenings.

As a big-hearted House, Chopard has always made generosity and selflessness its core values. Caroline Scheufele has fully understood that Chopard’s role is also to ensure that the success of a family-owned House and its entrepreneurial influence serve philanthropic undertakings. Happy Diamonds jewelry are timeless as well as they are playful, with the moving diamonds gently dancing and twirling. Browse the beautiful jewelry collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and Earrings to find your own token of personal elegance.

Discover exceptional timepieces stemming from meticulous workmanship. Launched in 1993, the happy sport model is the first watch to combine diamonds in a stainless steel case. It remains until today one of the most iconic models and most desirable in the industry. Meanwhile, Chopard’s Classic Racing  watches build a bridge between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking, stemming from the passion of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele.

Stay happy with Chopard’s exquisite pieces that will have you radiating with luxury.


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