Olivier Rouseting gets inspired by earlier decades, particularly the seventies for the Cruise collection.

June 17, 2019


The ’70s standout for Creative Director for the Balmain Resort 2020 collection with uniquely daring and bold energy. The Cruise collection is a riff on the bohemian, nonconformist spirit, aiming to capture some of that beautifully rebellious vibe—an attitude that seems particularly needed today.

Both my men’s and women’s resort collections play with iconic Balmain styles, relying on our house’s atelier to transform silhouettes via skilled tailoring, adding and subtracting to pare down smokings and convert double-breasted blazers into caftans, tweed cardigans into dresses and shirts into sheer, corseted robes.

Several designs channel the joy and audacity of the ephemeral explosion of nightlife that so wowed the world four decades ago. The creative team looked to the spirit of les années Palace and the never-ending parties of Studio 54, loosening and softening the evening selection.

Another bohemian current running through these offerings originates in the American Southwest. These pieces help to once again highlight the incredible skills of our atelier, with mirrored mosaics, glass beading, woven leathers and skillful printing allowing for a one-of-a-kind couture rendition of the striking colors and patterns of that region.

Monochromatic motifs are an important element of the singular Balmain style. In addition to the many variations on my favorite houndstooth, we rely on black-and-white stripes, plaids, polka dots and modern tattoo designs to cover a wide array of fabrics and silhouettes. Military cuts, patterns and colors are another familiar signature of the house.


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