Tokyo sets the stage for the double celebration of the newly reopened Armani/Ginza Tower as well as the Giorgio Armani Men's and Women's Cruise 2020 collections.

May 29, 2019

The Japanese metropolis was selected for the Giorgio Armani Resort 2020 collection for its sense of aesthetic – akin to the designer’s own world – stemming from an idea of absolute elegance. The location he chose for the show: Tokyo’s National Museum, which houses one of the most precious and rare collections of Japanese and Asian art.

“The Japanese are more Armani than Armani,” the designer joked.

Giorgio Armani takes over Tokyo, paying tribute to Japanese culture with a special evening of fashion and style attended by international guests, testimonials and friends of the House from far and wide.  A shared love for clean, vibrant lines and an insularity that does not equate to isolation, but rather an acknowledgment of one’s worth that is to be cultivated consistently.

Giorgio Armani’s fascination with Japan is evident in his choice of iconic spots and symbols spread across the city. The newly reopened Armani/Ginza Tower makes a statement with its imposing 12-story building, made to convey a series of distinct experiences.

Its sleek glass façade and marble interiors were first designed by the Italian architects Massimiliano Fuksas and Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas; last year, it underwent a renovation masterminded by the designer himself in collaboration with his team of architects. Two additional Armani Casa floors were added and the ready-to-wear and accessories floors were given makeovers. The shimmering building was reopened on Thursday with a cocktail reception and a dinner in the revamped rooftop restaurant.

For the Giorgio Armani Resort 2020 collection, burnt, neutral colors coupled with tactile fabrics dominate both collections and are reminiscent of island landscapes, subtly palpable in the washed silks of long gowns and tortoiseshell-effect coated jacquards or clutches. The palette ranges from chocolate browns to soft touches of light blue as well as bright pops of red. Soft tailoring sculpts the body in the men’s collection, while the women’s silhouettes are fluid, gently flowing out from pronounced shoulders.

Delve into Giorgio Armani’s stylistic island within the world of fashion, unbound by fleeting trends and always striking a delicate balance during changing times, much like Japan’s continued respect for tradition and modernity.

Step backstage at the Giorgio Armani Resort 2020 show held in the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan and get a feel of the atmosphere.


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