Tory Burch keeps the latest Cruise collection minimal with a subtle color palette and dainty touches.

May 17, 2019


For the Tory Burch Resort 2020, the designer was thinking about Pennsylvania, drawing more directly from her own memories on the family farm. There were touches of quilting, for instance, a nod to Pennsylvania Dutch bedding; lively avian prints inspired by the colorful birds that lived on the farm; and wildflower embroideries lifted from the surrounding flora and fauna.

More personal were the items inspired by her father’s ’70s wardrobe (a common touchpoint for Burch): plaid sherpas, sleek leather cargo jackets, a “tweed” printed suit. As for the vivid palette—those quilted pieces came in color-blocked hot pink, green, and yellow, for instance—Burch said they were a nod to the cartoons she remembers watching on TV. “It’s a little psychedelic,” she added, pointing out the swirling florals of a cloud-like quilted jacket and the kaleidoscopic print of a pleated midi skirt.

For all of that vibrancy, she added that keeping things “quite minimal” is still top of mind. She picked up a sleek ivory dress with ruched, puffed-up sleeves and dangling ties; fans of her recent Fall 2019 show will recognize it as a cousin to the black-and-turquoise version she showed on the runway. This one came with an eclectic new touch: a few giant technicolor birds printed throughout. Were they herons? Ibises? Possibly neither. For Burch’s purposes, though, they helped sum up this collection: a juxtaposition of nature, her childhood, and that signature TB exuberance. She’s calling it “rustic, yet refined,” a vibe many of her peers are going for, too—but it’s unlikely that their collections will feel quite this personal.


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