Gigi Hadid gets inspired by New York City with bold, vibrant frames that are perfect to express your unique style

This season, Gigi Hadid collaborates again with Vogue Eyewear for her third collaboration with the brand for a Spring 2019 collection.

“When I put on glasses in the morning, I feel as though that can bring something out in me that makes me feel more confident about going through the day. I think everyone needs that sometimes,” Gigi Hadid said.

Inspired by New York City, the American model creates designs featuring landmark names such as ‘Highline’, ‘Soho’ and ‘23rd St’. From wearing sunglasses at night or posing against the backdrop of a concrete jungle, the blonde captivates in each shot.

Gigi Hadid fronts the eyewear images captured by Inez & Vinoodh.

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