Saint Laurent launches a core line of rock ‘n’ roll denim basics for the ultimate rager

Rooted in concert culture and consistently infused by the world of music, the French house is launching Saint Laurent Denim collection has a rock ‘n’ roll interpretation. The collection is a core line of denim basics celebrating the casual style of youthful concert-goers.

Embracing the classic Saint Laurent silhouette, with ankle boots and skinny jeans, cut-off shorts, raggedy tees and headbands joined by Mick Jagger-like jackets – this is your introduction level to Saint Laurent, ready to be danced in until the early hours. Not sure if any of the pieces are waterproof, but they surely do look better in the mist of cigarette smoke and embellishes with a few beer stains.

Mads Mullins is joined by Kaia Gerber, Simona Kust, Dakota Lindvall, Dylan Christensen and a whole gang of Anthony Vaccarello’s muses as they demonstrate the beauty of a pogo dance.