Chanel continues the journey to healthy pure light, continuing the Le Blanc skincare line of brightening and youthful agents

Chanel introduced an original brightening approach in 2017 for a new generation in search of purity, simplicity and minimalism to carefully and sensorially improve the skin’s health. A new natural ingredient was incorporated into the Chanel Le Blanc skincare products to brighten the skin, enhancing skin’s inner luminosity in the most natural, imperceptible and delicate way.

Ume Flower — a unique white flower with five petals — is the first flower to blossom at the end of winter, signifying the arrival of spring. The most precious variety of the flower is cultivated in fields designated to Chanel and hand-picked only in the morning during a limited blooming season. A special extraction process harnesses its most exclusive brightening properties.

Today, this ingredient has been incorporated in two new products that help infuse the skin with incredible luminosity Le Blanc Essence Lotion, a 3-in-1 fresh and milky brightening lotion that leaves skin radiant and revitalized.

Le Blanc Crème, a 3-in-1 brightening cream that is the perfect ally of Le Blanc Sérum, offering instant glow and long-lasting moist, radiance and comfort.

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