Talbot Runhof’s designer duo opts for a feisty and vibrant collection for Fall

For the Talbot Ruhof Fall 2019 RTW collection, Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof featured a line up of neon styles with  pops of pink, yellow and aqua, in a silk taffeta. These styles were created by high-end Italian fabric supplier Taroni which they used to make capes, dresses, bustiers and oversize bows.

The pair pictured everybody dressing up, lounging around with blasé attitudes, explained Talbot. “And gossiping and bitching about everybody else,” added Runhof.

A subtle message walked down the runway, on a green, neon skirt and oversize sweater combination, knit into a roomy side pocket: #hotitem.

Velvet devoré has also been appearing on the runways; here the pair worked it more successfully than most, using it to make a long black and purple prairie dress. Further texture came from a flocked leopard print with fur growing out of the black patches; chunky, camel knits, paired with sequins and Lurex, and beige tweeds, also infused with Lurex adding a disco shine.

Softer lines with the floaty volumes and tightly gathered hems, made it more romantic, more comfortable.

Go backstage as Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof walk us through the intricate Fall 2019 collection.