A voyage of self-discovery and independence is at the core of Longchamp’s Fall collection.

March 25, 2019

For her second show at New York Fashion Week, Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine captured the free-spirited energy of travelers, women who rove the globe with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude and a wardrobe to match for the Longchamp Fall 2019 RTW collection.

Particular focus was placed on the distance between Paris and New York, which was visualized with a runway inspired by Andrée Putman and the carpet she designed for the Concorde and a 40-look collection combined the distinct auras of these transatlantic cities.

Studded black leather referenced the boldness of the ’80s, when markets were high and hems less so; long, printed dresses spoke of the bohemian ’70s.

Sophie Delafontaine was interested in movement itself. “I’m really here to make the woman self-confident,” she said. “I think you can be very strong and stay very feminine.” Delafontaine aims to give women versatile pieces that they can work into their wardrobes and use to play up their singular personalities.

The new Voyageuse, with its vanity-case silhouette, comes in sizes suited for long- or short-haul “flights.” Longchamp’s bold new logo, the LGP, which was inspired both by the Bauhaus movement and Manhattan’s geometric grid, appeared on leathers, as a jacquard, and was embroidered on tulle.

Get a peak at the preparations taking place at the Longchamp Fall runway show in New York City.


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