Tory Burch's preppy girl attends art school for a fresh and modern Fall.

March 4, 2019

The Tory Burch Fall 2019 RTW collection is inspired by Black Mountain College, known for its unconventional approach to education and for shaping the trajectory of modern art in America.

“This season is a mix-match of revamped classics — floral prints, graphic stripes, menswear materials and romantic silhouettes. There’s a modern eccentricity to raw fringe, exaggerated ruffles, knife pleats, cut-glass jewelry, deconstructed bags and sharp boots,” said Tory Burch.

Embrace the wave, whether it’s a romantic ruffle or a crisp pleat. The gentle ruffles of a blouse’s neck and sleeve of take on new dimension when edged in stiff velvet. And printed knife pleats call attention to the movement of midi and below-the-knee skirts. Some looks double down on the effect, with ruffle-upon-ruffles at the neck and along the placket of shirt or a panel of pleats sewn into already-folded skirts and dresses.

A chunk of stacked colors on the sleeve of a silk blouse. Stripes and florals pieced together in a crafty shirt dress. A caftan created with the melange of red-and-black flowers, sequins and stripes. The boldness of graphic artwork created at Black Mountain College still influences today.

Grownup tomboys will revel in the way menswear checks and plaids, guardsman coats, tailored jackets and long trousers play along more feminine fare.

Whether it’s Tory’s classic T logo or her father Buddy’s signature initials, branding takes a cue from the pages of Black Mountain College’s syllabi. T-logo buttons look like wax seals while the Buddy letters have a long fringed effect — and homage to Ani Albers’ textiles.

Go backstage and discover the fun atmosphere of the Tory Burch Fall runway show in New York City.


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