Shop the interactive Alexander Wang 2019 Collection 1 collection showcasing the designer’s unique view of the American dream also paying tribute to his Taiwanese-American heritage, seen through distinct references to American sports, rock ‘n’ roll culture and Chinoiserie-inspired heritage prints.

In the new collection, Alexander Wang shares his pride in being an American with immigrant roots and calling this wonderful inspiring city of New York his home. The designer references traditional qipao garments with mandarin-collared tops and, in a more blatant move, stamping “Chinatown” down the leg of multiple pairs of pants. Translated to beauty, his vision of America meant a graphic interpretation of the flag.

Bedazzled “thank you” shopping bags and safety pin-embellished lace surgical masks were just a few of the eye-catching accessories to go down the runway. The looks also featured a chinoiserie and paisley-inspired bandana prints, bolo ties and statement belts adorned with Mercedes hood ornaments.