Cara Delevingne is in her element as she strips down for Balmain’s Spring campaign focusing on the bare essentials

She’s a force, epic, creatively in flow, Cara Delevingne photographed by Dan Beleiu embodies the brand’s spirit in the Balmain Spring 2019 ad campaign.

“The campaign images are very sensual, but there is nothing flirtatious about them,” the designer said. “Cara has such a strong presence and personality: we chose a pared-back set to let her gaze and the lines of her body do the talking.”

The elements represent an energy, the multifaceted, surprising nature of a Balmain person. Personified entirely by Cara, the different elements of her personality are a muse for Olivier and the brand. Just like Cara, the Balmain person isn’t defined by a single trait, beat or box. Instinctive and fearless in nature, adaptable, Cara is in her element.

“I’ve always enjoyed the special chemistry that I share with my friend Cara,” Rousteing said. “It’s a bond that’s beyond obvious in the many photos and videos taken over the past few years, capturing our spontaneous hugs, kisses and, of course, the never-ending laughter.”

Delevingne is seen sitting completely naked in front of a giant B logo that was originally created by Pierre Balmain and relaunched towards the end of last year in conjunction with the fashion house’s new identity.