The camellia is the central icon for the 1.5 jewelry collection, as it was Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic flower

As Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic flower, the camellia was one of her icons. With no fragrance, and no thorns, she was seduced by its simplicity. To the opulence of a rose, she preferred its sobriety, its almost geometric roundedness and the classic ordering of its petals in a perfect symmetry.

It was a white camellia that became one of her emblems. With her taste for opposites, she would wear it like a jewel, in stark contrast against a little black dress or sweater.

This new Chanel 1.5 1 Camélia 5 Allures high jewelry collection presents 50 pieces, of which 23 are transformable, offering the freedom to wear them in a multitude of ways. Creations that become the expression of a personality. The embodiment of a style and a look. Jewelry, like Mademoiselle would create, that is neither an accessory, nor an ornament and about which she said, “My (jewels) are flexible and detachable […] You can take apart the jewelry and use it to match a hat or fur. In this way, the set of jewelry is no longer an immutable object. Life transforms it and bends it to its needs”.

Diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies and rose gold are imbued themselves with the most subtle brilliance on these pieces of jewelry with ethereal volumes that express all the strength, the expertise and the creativity of Chanel Fine Jewelry.