Saint Laurent launches a stunning, hedonistic, fever dream film highlighting the brand's Spring collection.

January 9, 2019

Anthony Vaccarello once again teams up with Director Nathalie Canguilhem for the Saint Laurent Spring 2019 film with a provocative tone and mysterious allure.

The film opens with Jones pining for Argañaraz in Sicily, Italy, at the Grande Cretto of Gibellina created by Alberto Burri. The monument stands on the ruins of the town of Gibellina which had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. The structure was built as a memorial to the town and is comprised of giant white concrete blocks. The cracks between the blocks create maze-like pathways which Canguilhem uses to full advantage filming a black motorcycle, a black stallion and numerous cast members running through the maze to represent energy, longing, and desire.

The scenery cuts between the Grande Cretto and a hedonistic rock-n-roll rave held at a mansion packed with revelers straight out of Fiona Apples, 1996 Criminal. Obsessive gazes, dancing, dips in the pool lead to undertones of threesomes, jealously, and desire.

Seasoned stylist Alastair McKimm leverages the cast, which also includes Kaia Gerber, Kiki Willems, Luka Isaac, Nataliya Bulychev, and Paul Hameline to full potential. DJ/musician Sebastian Akchotér sets the perfect score.

The piece ends on the note of a dream, which is likely what Vaccarello and the Saint Laurent team envisioned when they enlisted Canguilhem. A crazy, successful, dream of a film that spoke to aspirational longing and desire.