It's discreet elegance mixed with effortless styles for Giorgio Armani's Pre-Fall collection.

January 3, 2019


The designer’s influential aesthetic has since the ’80s provided working women with an elegant everyday uniform and is  now moving towards tailored trends for the Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2019 collection. His archives are bursting with the kind of soft-tailored blazers and elongated, almost liquid pantsuits that feel of-the-moment.

The Armani classics were given an updated, energetic spin via the use of vibrant colors and reworked graphics, while shapes were kept fluid and fabrics almost weightless.

The timeless pantsuits looked fresh, their checkered textures a new take on archival prints. As for the evergreen blazer, it was proposed in slimmed-down versions, malleable and soft as a sweater, and paired with knee-length Bermudas or with shorts-skirt hybrids. A sense of ease was apparent throughout the collection, which riffed on the familiar masculine-feminine dynamic, a territory pioneered by Armani and still mastered with style.

The collection included a tailored jacket in a micro-checked pattern worn with slim pants in an exuberant floral jacquard, and a rather chic griege trenchcoat with a discreet play of ruffles. Another example was a double-breasted houndstooth blazer cut with relaxed precision in a shimmering sequined texture; worn pajama-style atop a pair of fluid track pants in dove gray velour, it would look cool both on a young girl and on her elegant mother.