Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim take on Pre-Fall for Monse with a dog-inspired collection.

December 18, 2018


For the Monse Pre-Fall 2019 collection, photos include a dog in need of a home where the models they cast are dog lovers including McKenna Hellam, Cat McNeil, and Lameka Fox, all own rescue dogs and support local shelters.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have been longtime dog-lovers as they began a partnership with six animal shelters in New York to help promote fostering and adopting rescue dogs. A line of dog sweaters and accessories was the logical next step—all proceeds will benefit the shelter.

The dog theme got Garcia and Kim thinking about bandanas, which were blown up into asymmetrical, densely embroidered skirts and hearty trousers. They introduced Monse’s first lace with a cut-out tennis ball motif, a rather literal nod to your pup’s favorite toy. Another eyelet lace featured a dog that looked curiously like Louise. Dog leashes crossed over into the human collection, too, in the form of a bucket bag made of woven leashes and a silk blouse with a trompe l’oeil buckle printed on the neck ties.

A snug, razor-sharp blazer was designed to twist gently around the body and had unfinished edges so it looked like a work in progress. They sliced and draped a plaid blazer into a skirt and the aforementioned bandana pieces appeared elegant.


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