Roger Vivier presents “Duo des Chats” for Très Vivier featuring the archive-inspired shoe designed by Gherardo Felloni

The Roger Vivier Holiday 2018 film stars French film icon Catherine Deneuve as she plays a Parisian bourgeois, mother of the actress Nadia Tereszkiewicz in a film by Michael Haussman.

“When Gherardo explained me the project and the ironic plot, I was intrigued immediately. Playing a role according to the tempo of a song is something I had not done yet,” says Catherine Deneuve.

Inspired by Rossini’s famous performance piece Duet for Two Cats and directed by award-winning filmmaker, writer and music video director Michael Haussman, the juicy film tells the story of an eccentric Parisian family’s Christmas celebration. Under the watchful eye of their mother, two twins turn a perfectly pleasant performance in front of the whole family into a vicious catfight over a pair of Très Vivier pumps.

Deneuve, a style icon and muse of the Monsieur Vivier, plays the mother overseeing a special performance in her grand Parisian home: seated in front of a makeshift stage, the two twins, played by Nadia Tereszkiewicz, share the microphone for their rendition of the slow meowing duet by Rossini.

The fast-paced and humorous film set to the original cat duet music also features appearances by Roger Vivier creative director Gherardo Felloni and Couture and Oriental costume collector Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini.

“Working with such an icon like Catherine Deneuve was a dream that finally came true in this film for Roger Vivier,” explains Gherardo Felloni. “The idea of women fighting for a desire object it is always been a creative reference to me, I love that irony, fun, passion. And it really works on screen to see Nadia, beautiful and  young actress, acting like a cat on this music.”