Christian Louboutin introduces ‘The LoubiTest,’ the new handbag collection for Spring

Showcasing the Marie Jane bucket in a variation of colours and embellishments, the Christian Louboutin ‘The Loubi Test’ is innspired by “The Marshmallow Test” created in 1960 by Stanford researcher Walter Mischel.

In the original experiment, children left in a room with a marshmallow were challenged not to eat it with the reward of receiving a second one. In this campaign, the three women invited to participate in “The Loubitest” have their willpower put to the test as well as they struggle to resist the charm of the latest Louboutin creation, the Marie Jane. As expected, they just cannot keep their hands off this new irresistible bag.

The collection images include Farida Khelfa, Crystal Murray, Sara Waka, and Rodica Von Buta. Whoever can resist touching the bag may keep it. Thankfully Christian Louboutin knows that resisting to touch the Marie Jane bucket bag is nearly impossible…

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