Franco-Japanese brand Maison Kitsuné has launched the new line “Acide Maison Kitsuné” across its flagship stores and online

The Maison Kitsuné debut line Acide Maison Kitsuné features a new mascot, an abstract painted fox created by the New York-based artist and illustrator, Christina Zimpel.

Acide Maison Kitsuné will be the brand’s third special collection following on from “Parisien”, a seasonal collection inspired by the Parisian wardrobe. The new signature logo, called the “ACIDE Fox” recalls the linework of Matisse, blended with a Fauvian color sensibility. New York-based artist and illustrator, Christina Zimpel, has certainly brought her expressive, broad-stroke technique to the genderless ACIDE collection, which features unexpectedly bright, acid-like colors.

The debut collection of the new line will feature patched t-shirts priced, polka dot cardigans, and an iPhone case among other items. Maison Kitsuné has also just launched a footwear collaboration with Brandblack.

The collaborative collection features a range of sportswear sneakers and sandals that come in muted but contrasting colours and bear both the Brandblack logo and signature Maison Kitsuné fox.

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