Maison Christian Dior is issuing a multifaceted olfactive invitation for every moment of your life.

November 16, 2018


At Maison Christian Dior the love of perfume becomes a fully-fledged lifestyle. Since 2006, François Demachy has enjoyed immense creative freedom in composing Dior perfumes. Today, the Christian Dior Maison Dior collection is his ideal playing field, providing him the opportunity to continue exploring fragrant territories that are as personal as they are audacious. Together with the candles and soaps, they form a remarkable collection, composing a vibrant story in which every scent writes a new chapter in a free-flowing narrative.

To fill this fine Maison, he has created a large and luminous universe encompassing a warm and boisterous extended family of fragrances that unfolds itself. A colorful profusion of shimmering shades transforms into emotions and sensations. Soft pink Rose Gipsy is an ode to Grasse’s queen of flowers; sparkling green Lucky reveals a modern Lily of the Valley that is somewhat hidden; golden Jasmin des Anges is a call for self-indulgence, while soft violet Dioramour is like a powdered caress.

Whether they embody one of the fragrance collection’s themes or are a stand-alone concept, each composition makes a unique impression. Other perfumed creations—in the form of body cremes and foaming gels for hands and body, among many, delightful others, will soon arrive.

Each candle is a sensorial 70-hour journey of pleasure. Crafted to the highest standards by the famous French wax manufacturers Perron Rigot, they are housed in Limoges porcelain with a Dior grey artisanal enamel interior. Among the 8 candles available, Fève Délicieuse, Ambre Nuit, Bois d’Argent and Eau Noire are the only ones acting as a continuation of the eponymous perfumes, offering a faithful transposition of the fragrance notes into wax. Other scents exist independently, complementing the fragrance collection. Amongst those already present are 30 Montaigne and Bois Brûlé, joined by newcomers Jardin d’Orangers and Figue Méditerranée, which will very soon be followed by others.

The same high luxury standards apply to the soaps, crafted in France at the Savonnerie de Haute-Provence. Rose Ispahan, Néroli Impérial and Amande Délicieuse transform day-to-day moments into instant pleasure. The trio will soon expand into a broader collection.

Discover a scent, find a gift, or tie a scarf and embark on a fragrant journey with these sensorial offerings for yourself, for your home or for a gift.


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