Two iconic British brands come together  with global profiles and a shared belief in the importance of innovation and design

Introducing the Belstaff x McLaren collaborative capsule of driver-inspired clothing with clean lines and simple silhouettes allowing for innovative detail to subtly define.

Individual ID plates are features of both brands, from Trialmaster jackets to road-ready race cars so, to underscore this similarity, we decided to take inspiration from McLaren’s product naming conventions. It’s just one component of the considered approach that runs through each and every piece.

Authenticity and engineering were also key to the project, which features some familiar shapes reinvented using contemporary concepts and ingenious construction. Once again intelligently incorporated features – invisible card pockets and, for the women’s parka, laser-cut concealed pockets, combine purpose with exquisitely engineered design. It is this attention to detail that ensures performance never obscures style. It helps to determine it instead.

In fact, the collection as a whole can be seen as a study of how the needs of performance influence the mechanics of design. It’s a collaboration that brings beauty to purpose and function to style in clothes that can be worn whenever and wherever, with a practical, modern aesthetic that is never stuffy, always stylish.