Bulgaris new Fiorever captures the vibrant spirit of Rome into a striking design, rich in passion and glow

Born from an ironic combination of the Italian, “fiore” (flower), and the English “forever”, the Bulgari Fiorever jewelry collection glows with its bold four-petal design carved with the eternal sparkle of precious diamonds.

An exaltation of natural beauty in the every day, the flower is a classic jewelry motif, one Bulgari has interpreted with unrivalled craftsmanship and bold creativity since 1920. From the iconic tremblant brooches, to natural motifs expressed through striking gemstone combinations, today Bulgari immortalizes the four-petal flower in enchanting diamond jewels.

In a spontaneous vision of nature, Bulgari honors the authentic essence of each flower, composing precious petals into an asymmetric, graceful and genuine design. From fancy colored diamonds to emeralds and sapphires, Bulgari has seized nature’s most precious gemstones to compose its unique floral bouquets. Geometric perfection: cabochon-cut emeralds, sapphires and rubies, dotted with diamonds, reimagine flowers into a harmony of striking shapes.

Úrsula Corberó is the exuberant Fiorever woman: exuding an irresistible positivity, the brazen beauty possesses an intrinsic Roman joy for life. Her innate solar energy and light-hearted spontaneity make her as unique as the resplendent, eternal diamond flower of the Fiorever jewelry collection.