Keira Knightley exudes her way, her allure in Chanel’s latest Coco Crush collection

Gabrielle Chanel said: “I am all for what is unseen.” A jewelry ambassador since June 2016, the British actress Keira Knightley stars in a new campaign for the Chanel Coco Crush 2018 collection, boasting in simple lines and embellished with the heritage stitching elements.

A year after treating fans to a rendition of the Jeanne Moreau song “Le Tourbillon de la vie” in a Chanel campaign, Keira Knightley is back fronting the “Coco Crush” collection, this time in a rebellious and irreverent mood.

Just like Coco made her own fashion etiquette, the stunning Keira is showing off hers. This campaign highlights the irreverence that’s intrinsic to the style of the House and its creator: there’s just one set of rules, yours. A spirit that emphasises the multiple ways of wearing and combining the pieces in the Coco Cursh collection, thus offering every woman the freedom to be unique.

In the first video, the actress quotes Mademoiselle Chanel as saying, “always remove, never add,” to which Keira Knightley replies, “I always add and never remove.”