Introducing Her, a new fragrance for women evoking the spirit of London

Effortlessly stylish, energetic, optimistic, adventurous and bold, this is the spirit of the Burberry Her fragrance, starring Cara Delevingne captured by Juergen Teller. Featured in London, the city is the center of a beautiful, bustling, creative metropolis, eclectic and full of life.

‘The thing I love about the London attitude is that it’s so bold – people are not afraid to say what they think. This is the place where people change things,” said Cara Delevingne. “Growing up in London was a wonderful experience. To be a Londoner you defy rules, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Her scent is the first gourmand fragrance with a British twist by Burberry. A burst of red and dark berry notes lightened by a luminous, white woody accord. The bottle is luxurious yet understated, inspired by an archival Burberry fragrance design.

The scent is now available for purchase at