Paule Ka celebrates its 30th anniversary with a collection of 30 iconic looks created by its founder, Serge Cajfinger

The Paule Ka Spring 2019 collection, designed for the 30th anniversary of the fashion house by its Founder and Artistic director Serge Cajfinger, is an ode to the woman who thinks only of tomorrow, knowing it will be radiant because she decides so, each day, in front of her mirror. She craves every hour of her happy, hectic, and elegant life. She likes to dress for her pleasure and others’ happiness. She often repeats the words of Audrey Hepburn: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades…”

“Inspired by the years when I myself was 30,” said founder Serge Cajfinger. “A hymn to love, sensuality, freedom, and the joy of living. I had a wonderfully good time recreating the festive spirit that reigned at Studio 54 in New York, at the Palace, or at the Bains-Douches in Paris. I added the graphic style I love from Greece, without forgetting the masculine-feminine theme or the little black dress, a must-have for every wardrobe.”

The anniversary collection is a summary of what has defined the fashion house’s spirit since that day in 1988 when Serge Cajfinger created his own brand of high-end ready-to-wear. He gave it the name of his aunt, Paule, and baptized it Ka in honor of his last name: Cajfinger.

English photographer Charlotte Wales embodies this Paule Ka woman and the communicative joy of living is the famous supermodel and Czech actress, Karolina Kurkova.

In Charlotte Wales’ images, Karolina Kurkova and her bright smile perfectly embody the spirit of this 30-piece anniversary collection. Radiant, chic, and free all at the same time. Perfectly Paule Ka.

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