Explore Fendi’s latest eyewear collection for men as Jamie Campbell Bower introduces the latest styles in this film

This new chapter tells about the Rockstar-side of his life, depicting a snap of Jamie’s off-duty moments before a concert in Rome with the Fendi Fall 2018 Men’s Eyewear collection film entitled “Play Me” starring Jamie Campbell Bower.

Jamie is relaxing in his hotel room in Rome wearing the Fendi sunglasses, when he receives a call from reception. A box from an unknown person has been delivered for him containing an old school DV camera and tape with a note attached to it that reads “Play me”.

Beautiful Roman landscapes, buildings and streets come alive on the camera whilst, Jamie watches the video, noticing that he’s in the film too. Someone unseen had been filming him. Always alone, running under the arches of Palazzo Della Civiltà and watching people pass by. This footage is intercut with his daily life inside the Roman hotel room, a juxtaposition of his off-stage moments unfolding in front of the viewer.

By lending subtle irony and sophistication, Jamie Campbell Bower perfectly embodies the Fendi Man’s DNA in a film with a comic yet dramatic twist seen through the Fendi Fall 2018 Eyewear collection’s lenses.