A hymn to happiness, the House’s new fragrance, named Joy by Dior, was conceived as a reflection of pure joy

More than seventy years later, the Christian Dior Joy by Dior emphasizes the initial role of perfume: to offer an immediate and infinite sense of pleasure, as much for the body as for the spirit. Thus, this fragrance composed by François Demachy, the House’s exclusive Perfumer-Creator, can claim to be the most spontaneous expression of the feeling of joy. An ode to life, an olfactory sensation where nothing is harsh, where everything unfolds and expresses happiness, softness, light, a smile, a sensual look, serene fulfillment, the strength and quintessence of glamour which reconnects with the elements of dreams and luxury inscribed in the original history of the House. As if Christian Dior had stood before us and, with as much consideration as conviction, had once again requested: “Make me a fragrance that smells like joy!

Only one muse could embody this powerful a universal emotion: Jennifer Lawrence. Spontaneous, radiant, happy, emotional and moving, this extraordinary and extraordinarily beautiful actress lends this unique scent the contours of her sensual and natural femininity. Her piercing blue gaze, which merges with the azure water of a swimming pool bathed in light, is addressed directly to the camera lens of Francis Lawrence who directed the Joy de Dior campaign video. Time seems suspended here. Sensual and captivating, the Dior muse invites us to share in a moment of intense serenity. For this, after all, is also a facet of the feeling of happiness explored and expressed by Joy by Dior, one bridging exaltation and fulfillment.

Conceived to offer a sense of immediate olfactory happiness, tomorrow the House will unveil its new fragrance composed by François Demachy and embodied by Jennifer Lawrence, the actress and Dior muse. Stay tuned to discover this new perfume.