Introducing the new Le Lift taking its incredible power from nature and offers it to women in extremely sensorial textures

The new generation of the Chanel Le Lift creams satisfy the needs of women who refuse to choose between effectiveness, naturalness and respect for their skin.

Chanel Research has become a master in the art of transforming nature into unique ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. An approach that goes hand in hand with respect for the crops and the natural ecosystem.

For Le Lift, Chanel selected a plant grown in France: alfalfa. Minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids… This frail-looking plant owes its nutritional richness to a highly developed root system able to draw nutritive elements from the soil to nourish its every cell. A common element in healthy diets, alfalfa is usually ingested in the form of sprouts. Alfalfa botanical concentrate, the quintessence of the plant, is extracted from its seeds using green chemistry.

With the alfalfa botanical concentrate, Chanel gives the skin the very best of nature to help it look regenerated, without compromise. This double action completes and reinforces the performance of the ingredient derived from Edulis, already present in Le Lift skincare products. Together, these ingredients allow women to retake control of their beauty.

Le Lift creams come in three soft and smoothing textures and will be available as of September 4th, 2018 at all Chanel beauty counters.