Issey Miyake takes on the wild with a Fall collection focused on materials from nature

Inspiration from nature, especially plants and animals that subsist through the harsh winter months, the Issey Miyake Fall 2018 collection is about the quiet strength and gentleness that wraps around them.

On a quest for new fabric techniques, designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae uses the characteristic  method integrating both knits and pleats into Miyake’s traditional with the Steam Stretch” birthing a new texture. The collection features a Steam Stretch series with a wool blend for a natural texture. With a compact silhouette, this series will easily become part of your daily wardrobe. For another range, cotton threads are woven sashiko style and the beautiful contrast between the sashiko pattern and the base material is accented with a border pattern. The pleats are woven alternately on the left and right side, creating a moire-like effect.

Made from British wool, providing plenty of warmth and elasticity, the wool is designed to resemble hand-spun wool, and is cut to give it the wild look seen in the fleece of wild animals.

The textile for another series in the collection combines knit and pleat textures for a feel unlike any garment before. Thick-count wool is woven in to provide the warmth of knit fabric, while the Steam Stretch method gives the garments the lightness and elasticity of pleated material.