Cara Delevingne shines as the new face of the Dior Dreamskin skincare range

Discover the 1st non-tinted skincare formula in a cushion for a perfect natural skin, anytime, anywhere with the Christian Dior Dreamskin collection.

Effective at any age, the new Dreamskin Moist & Perfect Cushion moisturizes, enhances and protects the skin. Available in an easy-to-go refillable compact case, it is applied in the morning or as touch-ups throughout the day. The result of the expertise possessed by Dior scientists, this new-generation skincare now comes in an unprecedented untinted version. Instantly blending with all skin tones, its universal care formula corrects all imperfections, from light redness to shine, refines the skin texture and transparently unifies the complexion, revealing its natural radiance day after day.

Technologically concentrated, it also boasts new ingredients with innovative active powers. For a feeling of comfort and freshness that is visible and lasts throughout the day, Dior has enriched its composition by adding a powerful hydrating agent, plant glycerin, which instantly plumps the skin. Dreamskin Moist & Perfect Cushion also benefits from the optical expertise of Dior research, which combines micas, offering a tenfold diffusion of light, with soft-focus powders, for lasting blurring of small skin defects, leaving the complexion fresh and bright.

Another of this product’s properties is its multiplied anti-aging efficacy. With fifteen years of stem cell research, the House has boosted the effects of longoza, a rare flower from the Dior gardens in Madagascar, combining it with a jasmine extract possessing a strong regenerating power in an unprecedented alliance that corrects imperfections and wrinkles. Lastly, its SPF50 strength provides optimal protection to the skin from the sun’s rays.

Spontaneous, liberated, mischievous and seductive, Cara Delevingne remains faithful to her true self in the new Dreamskin campaign. Filmed by Cass Bird, she poses in a spare setting, letting her natural beauty shine. Enhanced by one of the latest Dior scientific innovations, Dreamskin Moist & Perfect, her complexion is fresh and dazzling and radiant with beauty.