Dior gives an ode to love and its iconic heart symbol in this exclusive collection

A hugely superstitious man, Christian Dior always carried in his pocket a little cluster of lucky charms made up of a four-leaf clover, a piece of wood, a gold coin, a star and two hearts. In a subtle nod to these talismans, those same hearts embellish in the Christian Dior Amour collection launching exclusively at Holt Renfrew.

A red dotted Swiss skirt can be paired with one of five knitted sweaters featuring the symbol of love. There’s also a bomber jacket decorated with patches, and a sweater with the inscription “J’adior Amour”. To finish off the look, sneakers and pumps have also embraced the theme. In the same spirit, a series of accessories reinterprets both the heart and the color of love, red. Christian Dior himself was fond of saying that red was the color of life and passion.

The lady Dior is available in six unique variations, which can be embellished with a selection of five badges to personalize the my lady Dior bag. Additional accessories include sunglasses, asymmetrical earrings, and a bracelet with a red lacquered heart pendant in the form of a lock. A scarf and mitzah round out the assortment, both specially created for this celebration of love.

The Dior Amour capsule collection is available in Canada exclusively at Dior Holt Renfrew Vancouver, and through a dedicated pop-up at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale, beginning August 4th.