Balenciaga focuses on trompe l’oeil looks merging elements of cozy and conservative

For the Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2018 collection, the eye is drawn to the long-line, single-breasted jackets with narrow pants in menswear checks or pinstripe with a tartan pair of low, pointed, stiletto ankle boots.

The line included draped sweaters, bombers and coats that fall to the ankle. Plaid, tartan, striped and floral patterns add a misfit vibe to the line.

Here you see a plaid shirt being sewn onto a silk dress; men’s short-sleeved shirts with printed waterfall sleeves fused onto them; a black jean jacket and a quilted country jacket mated with a black-and-white plaid blanket, complete with fringe. Balenciaga/Gvasalia interventions and transportations continue, like the curved, reflective piping on the tweed coat at the beginning and the by-now highly recognizable floral “pantaboots.”

The standout of the range would be the new leather handbags and clutches on the way. The traditional logo bag was updated in blue, orange and red. Its triangle pouch is also made over to match the theme of the clothing. Overall the collection continued to blur the line between streetwear, normcore and high fashion.