Guiseppe Zanotti introduces a selection of rainbow-inspired sneakers.

July 31, 2018


The head-turning Giuseppe Zanotti RNBW collection features the  latest low-top sneakers, characterised by six ultra-glossy pop color hues.

The style whose very name plays with the word “rainbow”, expresses the creative concept of modern living, increasingly filled with musical, urban and sport references.

The RNBWs infuse color with a unique twist. Starting from the airborne pointillist droplets of water which come together to create the rainbow, Giuseppe Zanotti interprets the spectrum with the energy of a hyper-realistic painting. The RNBWs feature an exclusive paint that makes the leather particularly glossy and vinylic, with a liquid lacquer effect.

The colors are sharp, in true hyper-realistic style. Every part is colored with great care and assembled individually. The result is a jigsaw puzzle in which the pieces are brought together with precision at the hands of the most experienced Italian craftsmen. Giuseppe Zanotti draws on its traditional aesthetic for the side stripes which evoke the dripping paint of spray cans and create defined graphic elements.

The design reflects Giuseppe Zanotti’s signature style, in which irony and experimentation merge to infuse everyday moments with multi-referential vigour: from fine artistic allusions to mythological, social, political and pacifist references – a highly contemporary pop fusion reflected in men’s, women’s and junior styles.

Every style comes in a specially designed jet black box out of which emerges Giuseppe Zanotti’s unmistakable signature that refracts a vertical rainbow.

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